he Holy League, even the lowest level of ordinary members of the black iron, the exchange rate is 10% discount, and the proportion of days of the door is 10% discount, which is the original price, but the level Door, then you need to store the price of thirteen to buy, otherwise, simply can not buy, because the level of the door, the practice of resources is in short supply, Zhao Tianlong now lost the son of the place, he could Jiuzhe The purchase of resources, and now he needs thirteen levels of the price to buy, as a member of the Holy League members can not enjoy a lot of benefits, so do not know what to do, and this time, the left hill family to find Zhao Tianlong, Zhao Tianlong Zuoqiu family who went to a beautiful peak, Zuoqiu family elders left Qiu Ming is drinking tea, then, Zhao Tianlong said: "You told me to what   ? The situation will not want to laugh at me now! " Hengyu CCIE Service Provider Cisco Certification heard, said:"? I laugh at you left Qiu family was beaten face the CCIE Service Provider it exam same Yuet Sin Canossian cases, what qualifications you joke "?   Zhao Tianlong listened, eyes Reve

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400-201 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 Cisco CCIE Service Provider
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