High Flying Motocross Holidays In Murrieta CA

Things you need to know about Motocross Holidays

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If you are bored of the regular vacation every year & want to try something new this vacation then it is a perfect idea to try motocross holiday packages In Murrieta CA. They are prone to frequenting small patches of dirt in the metro area where they chase each other around and catch big air. You will have the excitement of life when you visit the dirt pitch.

If you are a serious biker then this is a good vacation option for you as there are tournaments around the year in many parts of the state.

They say that Murrieta CA, a city located in southern California. And they are right. No wonder a lot of the best MX riders in the world live local here. As they want to have the joy of riding dirt bikes all year long & also able to compete in the events. Surrounded by some of the best Motocross tracks in the world, this area is home to Motocross California Vacation, a company that specializes in motocross holidays with long-term accommodation, short-term and bike rentals.


With different fantastic tracks, all within an hour’s drive from one to another and constant great weather as the weather in Southern California is the ultimate place to spend your winter away riding. Where else do you get a different track to ride every day of the week?  You will get a chance to ride on the iconic track that many pros who have participated to ride on the same tracks, the oldest motorcycle track in California or Cahuilla Creek,  a professionally maintained outdoor style motocross park you’ll have tons of fun on. If you place to take the holidays with a bike it is going to be easy to commute to places & save big on transport also can relax in the accommodation that the motocross holidays Murrieta California offers.

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